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Stromboli Island

Stromboli is the further and eastern island of the Aeolian archipelago. Ancient people had named it Strongyle, (the round island).

Here you can visit the small downtown, a unique residential aerea, situated alongside the sandy Punta Lena beach, and the disembarkation port of Ficogrande and San Vincenzo, where people arrive.

Ginostra is the second inhabited center, a small village along the southeastern coast. It only can be reached by sea. The town, which has about thirty inhabitants, lies on a steep slope. Here the few houses, have maintained the traditional Aeolian architecture still today.

An important thing to say is that Stromboli is in the only European volcano with a never-ending activity, one of the few in the whole world. The volcano stands 920 meters above sea level, while its seabed is 1200 deep. Inhabitants usually call it “Iddu” (He), as further proof of the fact that the volcano is part of them, like a loved person. Actually, it may be a way to exorcise the fact of living at the foot of an active volcano.

The seascape of the island is full of caverns, like the cave of Aeolus. Then Strombolicchio cliff, a characteristic rock in the north that rises steeply for 56 meters on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Sciara del Fuoco (“stream of fire”), a sharp wall along which the incandescent material slides into the sea. The latter can be reached by sea. Its intermittent flashes can be seen at a great distance in the evening. This is the reason why the island has been defined “Faro del Tirreno” (the Tyrrhenian lighthouse).