Project Description

Panarea Island

Panarea is one of the most popular destinations for international tourism. Every year, this natural jewel enchants artists, writers, stylists and musicians from all over the world. In summer, the rich and famous sail to Panarea, turning this island into an open-air red carpet.
Panarea is a perfect mix of history, art, culture and high society. All these elements blend together to create a unique atmosphere. This enchanting island concentrates beauty, enchantment, and natural elegance in just 3.5 square kilometers. Its beautiful seabed draws divers from all over the world. The coasts of the island of Panarea are just as marvelous as the sea that caress it. They bear witness to a tumultuous past of conquests and piracy that has shaped the island as well as the character and traditions of the islanders.
Finally, you can visit the Bronze Age village on the promontory of Punta Milazzese, whose cliffs form a beautiful gully: Cala Junco, one of the most beautiful sites in all the Aeolian Islands.