Project Description


Panarea Island

Panarea is one of the most famous places in the international tourism scene. Every year this natural gem mesmerizes artists, writers, stylists and musicians around the word. In fact, during summertime, the rich and famous sail for Panarea, turning this island into a real red carpet.

Panarea is a perfect mix of history, art, culture and worldliness. All these elements are blended together, to create a unique atmosphere.  In fact, this enchanting island offers 3.5 square kilometers of beauty, enchantment and natural magnificence;
the amazing seabed attracts divers coming from all over the world. The island coasts are as beautiful as the sea that gently touch them. They are evidence of a tumultuous past, made of conquests and piracy. This past has marked not only the island’s shape, but also the temper and the traditions of the islanders.

Finally, you can visit the village of the Bronze Age, above the promontory of Punta Milazzese, whose cliffs form a beautiful ravine, named Cala Junco, one of the most beautiful places of all the Aeolian Islands.