Project Description


Lipari Island

During the Neolithic, the Aeolian Island (especially Lipari) lived through a period of growing civilization, thanks to the utilization of obsidian, a volcanic glass spewed out during the eruption of Forgia Vecchia and Monte Pilato craters.

Lipari is full of ancient relics. The most considerable is undoubtedly the Castle, a fortress located above the old acropolis, that dates back to the VI century. Nowadays, it is the home of the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, in which is possible to retrace the great Aeolian history, from the origins to the Middle Ages.

The touristic port of Pignataro is located in the north end of the bay. It is protected by a dock for free mooring. In addition, you can find a fee- payed landing platform, equipped with electricity and water.